A Land Called Falutio

Tavern Inn
Old man

h1.Old Mans Request

As you walk in to the Tavern in Fallcrest You notics an old man weeping at the counter. As you ask him whats wrong, hes says in a wrinkly voice:
“Will you listen to my tragic tale and help it for the better?”

You say yes thinking youll just hear a story when the old man blows some old dust onto you. When you cover your eyes you fell the atmoshere chage around you from a Drunken Tavern to a BURNING villiage! The old mans voice boomed in your head as he said:
“When I Was a little boy, my villiage was torn down by raiders! They killed my friends and family, EVERYONE I knew was dead. This is where you come in! I want you to guide my self to saftey! Look for the kid named Zego….”

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